Grateful or Great Fool

Gbenga Dada with a disturbed face
Gbenga Dada with a disturbed face
Gbenga Dada while reviewing the year 2018

In my over 10 years of running the Gbenga Artsmith brand and over 17 years of doing business, I have never felt like giving up as much as I did in 2018. Many times my case was that of working like an elephant and eating like an ant. The concerted efforts of myself and my team was synonymous with pouring water into a leaking basket. We ceaselessly asked ourselves, “What is going on?”

In the picture above is me after the gruelling task of rolling silver in the mill (See second picture) while I was creating pieces for gbengaartsmith_luxury‘s “THE MADAME COLLECTION” which took months…So you can imagine my shock and frustration when the reception to the collection was very unimpressive. Handcrafted fine jewelry pieces and not costume o. Ah, it pained me! 😢 If not for a couple of our offline, God-sent clients who made all the labour worthwhile with their patronage.

I particularly thank God for Pastor Pkennyfolarin‘s sermon last week Sunday on “GRATITUDE.” I realized my folly and I have come out publicly to apologize to God for griping about what went wrong and forgetting all the things that worked out right. This year, God blessed me with some of the most compassionate, selfless and dedicated workers that I have ever had! This year, I “miraculously” opened our 2nd outlet in Lekki within three weeks! This year, I launched our best and biggest jewelry campaign ever- the cerebral Palsy awareness project in March. This year, we released our highest grossing collection till date. Yes, I lost many things this year, but God is the reason I didn’t lose everything! What I thought I did not gain materially, i gained in things money can never buy. Dear God, I am sooo grateful for an eventful year! What are you grateful for?

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