It’s in You!

gbenga dada creative driector artsmith

You have been frustrated for nothing because you have not realized the power of the potentials inside of you or the seed in your hand. For Mrs Megbopeayo, all she needed was #1,000 to start a multi-million Naira food business (No Left Overs) which grew so big that she served President Obama her moin-moin at the white house. All #MarkZuckerberg needed to become one of the richest young people in the world was a simple, but revolutionary idea to help students at colleges connect with their loved ones online #Facebook. All #BrodaShaggi needed to become a social media sensation cum highly successful comic was access to a smartphone and internet! brodashaggi

To you reading this, you have all that you need to succeed, you just haven’t realized it! In the first few days of this new year, I challenge you to retreat and meditate on those potentials and/or resources you possess which have exponential power and begin to STRATEGICALLY deploy them. There is greatness on the inside of you waiting to find expression, unleash it! .

Gbenga Artsmith ❤.

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