Dear Entrepreneur, be versatile.

An Instagram follower messaged me asking for the contact of the person who does my product photography. I gave her the fellow’s number. She called and discovered it was me.

Next day, she asked for the phone number of my graphics artist. I gave it to her without restraint. It was my number still.

Chuckling, “Ahan, Mr. Gbenga why are you whining me na. I am serious, I really need someone to help me with my product photography and to design graphics for me.”

“I am not joking now. I do them myself.”

“Wow! So you mean you do all the designing, writing press releases, sales page, proposal letters, photography, graphics…”

I cut in, “…yes o. Na me.”

She was stunned. I went ahead to teach her how to save her money (and even stress) by giving an online tutorial on product photography, photo editing and creatively using Canva for her graphics.

Dear entrepreneur, downsize your recurrent expenditure. Protect your income. Learn to do some tasks yourself. Be versatile…

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