It Is Not Over Until You Quit

Hello family, trust your day is going well?

I would like to share a short story about innovation with you. Please “loan” me a minute of your time 😉.

You see this “BANKE” set that is the featured image, it used to be one of our biggest bestsellers until the demand for it went the downward spiral sometime this year.

We put it up for clearance sales since it had been on our display unit for quite some time and there was no prospect of a buyer for it anytime soon (and I hate having products on display for long 🤦‍♂️). Despite the clearance sales with 50% discount, still no one bought. It was quite unsettling 😤.

I had two options: The first was to give up on selling off the set and just leave it to gather dust. The second option came to me in a lightbulb moment I had in the middle of one night.

Whilst searching for a picture on my phone, I stumbled on a picture of the “BANKE” set and in that moment, I no longer saw a set which had lost its charm on buyers but a piece of jewelry which carried the potential of new, bestselling designs!

Cut the long story short, I dismantled the set the next day and proceeded to create two spanking new designs which are the “NOJA” and “LIRA” sets pictured in the top and bottom right corner of the collage above.

They are currently our bestsellers with 5 of each set sold so far and enquiries totaling an average of 10 per day!

The power of innovation! I took an undesirable option and created a desirable opportunity from it. I created new, highly demanded pieces that keeps yielding good patronage from one “unwanted” set.

This 2020, I am sure going to adopt this principle more- not just in business, but other ramifications of my life.


Choose to keep trying new experiments/options, keep re-inventing, keep winning!

Thanks for attending my Insta “Ted Talk” 😁. *Takes a bow*

By Gbenga Ayo-Dada

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