My Mom does not wear jewelry

gbenga dada Sun newspaper

I granted an interview with THE SUN Newspapers for a column of theirs which celebrates the roles played by parents in the success of their accomplished child. As I began to recount how growing up was under my parents and all the things they did in shaping me into who I am today, I have never felt so grateful for having my parents like I did yesterday.

Many times, we do not place a premium on our blessings until we begin to count them. Thank God it was not up to me to make the choice of parents, I couldn’t have made such a perfect choice- as per the fallible human that I am. God truly knows best. He gave me parents tailor-made for my destiny. .

Thank you so much Ayo Dada and Abimbola Dada for all you have done for me and all that you are doing. Especially my one-man army of a mother who has been holding the fort alone since my daddy went to be with the Lord.

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