Retail Program

Have you been nursing the thought of launching a profitable side hustle without having to neccesarily quit your day job?


Is your monthly income less than adequate to meet your needs?


Have you learnt jewelry making in the past but been struggling with starting a business in jewelry without success?


Are you a jewelry lover?


Do you love selling or love the idea of selling and generating sweatless extra income?

Then our jewelry retail programme is definitely FOR YOU!


Some of you know the story of how I started Gbenga Artsmith with ZERO NAIRA over 11 years ago.

Whilst I was learning jewelry making, I started taking jewelry pieces made by my tutor (Mrs. Yemi Oyejobi), packaged them and sold at the Zenith bank branch where my older sister was working at the time. The minimum profit I was making on each jewelry was #1,000 Naira.

From making multiple sales of more than #80,000 within a month, I was able to generate enough funds to start producing and selling my own jewelry pieces. Today, that seed has grown to become a mighty tree.

Gbenga Artsmith has since grown to become such an authority in the jewelry industry that in January 2019, I was named one of the “Movers and Shakers of 2018” alongside Burna Boy, Rita Dominic, etc by Vanguard Allure and in November 2019, I was recognized as “…one of the thought leaders in contemporary African Arts” by BBC!!!



I understand that with the harsh economic realities it has become a necessity to double one’s hustle, make extra cash by investing in a profitable venture.


That why due to popular demand, we decided to re-open registration for people who want to join our over 136 resellers across Africa, US, UK and Canada to make money buying and reselling Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry on a wholesale basis.


And you don’t need to break the bank to join! There are different packages to suit different budgets, knowing that all fingers are not equal.


P.S: Our retailers get more than 40% dividend on their investment!

Why you should Join:

  • As a Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry reseller, you get up to #10,000 discount off the retail price of each jewelry set. That’s right, you can make up to #10,000 profit on each set you buy as a registered reseller. Amazing, if I do say so myself.

  • You have the freedom to choose ANY jewelry set you want in your package (no pre-selection as with many other retail programmes). Minimum order quantity is 5 Jewelry sets, so you can select 5 or more jewelry sets and get wholesale deals on EACH one of the sets.

  • Great pictures are very instrumental in marketing- for good sales conversion- and great pictures cost money (oops!) Product photography is also a whole lot of work…but not to worry! 😁 We have provision to give registered resellers as many of our product pictures as they need for marketing purposes across various platforms- Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc

  • There is a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. What does this mean? If you are unable to sell a jewelry you purchase as a reselller for after 60 days due to low demand, you can exchange it for another! We are determined to ensure you to get your money’s worth!

  • Our jewelry designs can be modified to suit the specification(s) of our resellers or their clients. For example, if a reseller wants a longer length of necklace or a different style of earrings, the request would be granted at NO EXTRA COST! (Except otherwise stated, in exclusive cases)

  • Every registered reseller automatically gets access to our regular FREE sales/digital marketing training and professional guidance. We understand some resellers may be clueless about navigating the interesting world of marketing and selling online or they may be greenhorns in the jewelry business itself, so we have put systems in place to ensure you become a pro salesman in no time and get huge rewards from retailing Gbenga Artsmith jewelry.

  • The programme is stress-free as you can place orders from the comfort of your electronic device and get it delivered to you within a specified timeline, without having to move a muscle! No tedious follow-ups, no delivery delay! Our efficient customer service team is at your service 7 days a week!

  • You can request for customized brand packaging. i.e If you have a brand logo, you can forward it to us and have your own jewelry boxes and/or carrier bags branded with it! What’s more? If you don’t even have a brand logo or business cards, you can request for them to be created for you by our in-house graphics artist/printer at a VERY minimal cost (less than the standard cost in the common market).

  • Our elegant, ingeniously crafted jewelry sets are made from QUALITY beads, semi-precious stones and NON-TARNISH accessories. They are handmade to perfection; we pay keen attention to details and quality assurance is 99.9%! In the event of any damage, it is fixed at no extra cost to the reseller (unless the damage was caused by the error of the reseller or his/her client).


Gbenga Artsmith is a reputable cosmopolitan jewelry brand headed by West Africa’s most renowned male jeweller, Gbenga Ayo-Dada who was recently spotlighted as one of Africa’s changemakers by CNN under the auspices of their “African Voices” series.

Gbenga Artsmith is also the name behind the accessories in 60% of Nollywood blockbusters in the last 3 years- From “The Wedding Party 1 & 2” to “King of Boys.” We have cut our teeth on the long and short scales in the jewelry business and can can proudly profess that we know our onions.

Notable personalities like Funke Akindele, Toolz, Waje, Ibukun Awosika, Jumoke Adenowo, and many more who have worn our jewelry pieces can testify!


We work with mostly semi-precious stones (agate and jade) and authentic coral beads. The accessories are gold-filled, not gold-plated (gold-plated has just one thin layer of gold coating so it gets rusty in a short time, but gold-plated has more layers of gold coating and so has a longer guarantee on them).

Please visit our online store and surf through the product pages for retail prices. This will guide you in pricing for resale.

Delivery within Lagos is between #1,000 and #2,000 (depending on location). Outside Lagos, doorstep delivery is within #2,000 and #3,000. We do not send through inter-state buses. And please note that resellers bear the cost of delivery.

International delivery via DHL is an average fee of #10,500 (for 0-2kg). It costs more when it is above 2kg. [We will send you the courier cost chart for your reference.] We encourage international resellers to collate their orders (minimum of 3-5) so they can spread the cost of delivery across the orders. Except it is an emergency order and you don’t have someone in Nigeria travelling to your base who can take the order(s) for you.

International delivery takes 3 working days.

Production takes between 3 to 10 working days, depending on the order and the volume of orders. And if the jewelry is readily available, you can pick up or have it dispatched immediately.

That is why you must fix competitive prices. For example, if our retail price for a product is #25,000, you should sell for #24,000 or less. Turnover is the real deal. No point hiking prices and having no one buy from you. Use fair rates to win them over.

If you are an international reseller, you can sell a little higher than our retail price, making it known to your client that they will have to pay for shipping if they buy directly from Gbenga Artsmith anyway. But make the price difference fair enough and not extreme.

No, not all the pieces are readily available and this is why it is important to ALWAYS confirm availability by private chatting us on WhatsApp via +234-7030144953. Response rate is within an hour.

Yes, you can. But in your best interest, state in your captions or bio that you are a registered reseller of Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry to avoid any harassment from strangers who might think you are plagiarizing.

There is really no cause for alarm as House of Tara was a distributor for Mary Kay Cosmetics (another beauty company) whilst selling her own products.

At some point, Gbenga Artsmith used to resell costume jewelry from another accessory company, so no qualms at all.

Please feel free to private chat us anytime.