Started from the bottom now we’re here: The Gbenga Artsmith Story.

Story-story? (Story…)

Once upon a time? (Time-time!)

There was once a place that used to be Gbenga Artsmith’s workshop (the picture above was taken in 2015 in the said workshop). I started Gbenga Artsmith in 2008 and for 7 years the veranda of my father’s villa was my workshop. As my business grew, my dad was magnanimous enough to relocate his Prado Jeep from his car porch to the side of our garden so I could extend my use of the veranda to his car porch. Almost everywhere in the house was my storage room- my dad’s wine cellar, the lobby, the courtyard, my room and at some point I even started ‘competing’ for space with my sister teethreads who had converted my dad’s private study room to her workshop (power of supportive parents).

Three years after, I run two jewelry studios in highbrow areas of Lagos- Opebi and Lekki phase 1 to be specific. Not just that, I am now touted as West Africa’s most renowned male jeweller. All from a small beginning..
What I had was enough to take me to where I wanted to be. Brethren, stop waiting for perfect conditions; start with what you have where you are. What you have is enough to take you to where you are going!

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