The Day I Flew in The Air With a Pole

Yesterday I had a surreal dream. In the dream I was running amidst chaos and whilst I was scampering for safety, I came across a long pole and grabbed it.

Racing with the pole in my left hand like an athelete in a high jump competition and then suddenly propelling myself on the pole, I took a giant leap into thin air and started flying above the chaotic scene.

Wait wait wait, don’t recommend I book an appointment with a deliverance Pastor yet or insinuate I have become a captain at “spirit airways” 😂. I am going somewhere.

I want to assume the Wright brothers had a similar “silly” dream before inventing the aeroplane and if they have shared the dream with anyone, it would have been laughed off as just another inane impossibility one sometimes experience in dreams.

But they chose not to be deterred; if it was possible for humans to fly in the air in the dream, surely a physical manifestation of that possibility is feasible. It sure was, as today we fly aeroplanes because someone imagined an “impossibility” and brought it to reality.

You see, impossibility is a mere figment of the imagination. It is a lie sold to the mind of a close-minded individual. There is no such thing as “impossible;” “Impossible” is what mediocres call daring dreams they can’t wrap their small minds around.

Open your mind, dream dreams, elevate your thinking, visualize unusual wonders, think possibilities, believe them and nothing will ever limit you!

If the Wright brothers believed the idea of an aeroplane was only fictional, we would still be spending weeks travelling from Nigeria to London by sea instead of 6 hours (by air).

The next revolutionary solution is in your mind, push it out!

By Gbenga Ayo-Dada