Do you people remember the gist I gave you some days ago about the potential buyer asking for “last promo price” of a product on promo?

The subtle insensitivity of that thing really pissed me off. But one woman came today to prove that there are still people who value and support the dignity in labour. This woman messaged me, sending me pictures of five Gbenga Artsmith jewelry pieces with a caveat, “How much are these? I don’t want discount please. Your prices as it is are too low for the quality and beauty of your jewelry, not to talk of now reducing it further with discounts. What is your gain? But i understand sha, Nigerians like awoof too much.”

“Oh wow…so so kind of you ma. God bless you!”

“No need to thank me dear. I bought from you three years ago and I am still rocking It! E enter chart anytime any day!”

I gave her quotations for the jewelry pieces she sent.

“Great! What other set can I add to round it up to 100k?”

“You can take two necklaces from our babe-on-a-budget line for #3,500 each.”

“Oh, I love those ones too. But they don’t come with earrings. If I want earrings, how much extra?”

“#1200 per pair ma.”

“Okay, that is #2400 for the two. I will transfer 3k.”

Brethren, this whole transaction still dey do me like feem trick. May God send us customers who place a premium on the works of our hands. Ise owo wa o ni ja sasan.